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About Us

You May Be Wondering – Who is One City?


We are a collective of business and community leaders from within and outside of Las Vegas who believe deeply in the future of our city. Great works are happening in many cities throughout the US, including Tucson, AZ; Omaha, NE; Oklahoma City, OK; Evansville, IN; Orlando, FL; Florence, SC; Charlotte, NC; Tri-Cities, CA; and many more.

Our team is committed to helping identify the needs within Las Vegas through a comprehensive data survey, providing that input to the collective resource network, and equipping a collaborative impact team to build a strategic plan to strengthen the ability to meet those needs over the next several years.

We want nothing but to see your city come together to be compassionate benefactors to those who call Las Vegas home, and we feel called to help inspire, discover, connect, and equip critical influencers to make this happen over the next few years.

A collective impact movement is a group of like-minded people representing unique resources across the city and are unified around a vision to impact their city for good. These movements have gained tremendous traction over the last few decades. They are self-directed after being “established” by a team that has experience in equipping leaders with how to work collectively together for the benefit of their city.

Where is this work taking place throughout the nation?
We believe in cities and feel called to help partner with leaders in government, education, business, health care, entertainment, and religious communities to unite and transform their cities.

This is work underway in many cities across the nation:

  • Oklahoma City, OK

  • Tucson, AZ

  • Florence, SC

  • Charlotte, NC

  • Omaha, NE

  • Evansville, IN

  • Topeka, KS

  • Orlando, FL

  • Louisville, KY

  • Waxahachie, TX

We’ve experienced this in OUR city as well. We don’t want anything from you. We want something FOR you. We want to invite you into a process of discovery and leadership to identify needs, unify resources, and create a plan for transforming the areas in your city that need to be restored, returning them to an oasis for human flourishing.

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