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Las Vegas

Cities provide protection, provision,
community, culture, education,
innovation, recreation, and culture.


Las Vegas began as an oasis of refreshment
for weary travelers.

Today Las Vegas is an oasis of world-class


Yet every city has issues: housing
shortages, inequality, noise, pollution,

crime, disease and more.

If asked: What is broken in this city do you see...


...the transient nature of those who enjoy the
resources of Las Vegas but are not committed
enough to give back?

...addictive lifestyles that create broken
homes, businesses, communities, and people?

...a lack of networking and collective vision to
invest in this city, leveraging resources to
benefit 'the many'?

Do you have a heart to see this city
transformed into an oasis for all to

If YES, we would like to invite
you into a deeper conversation.

"When hearts are revived with love for our cities, it will be a catalyst for transformation in America."  John Bates

Every City Has A Purpose

What If...

We see Las Vegas for who she can be.

We speak life over her.

We come together to strategize and invest in city transformation.

Who Are We?

One City Las Vegas is a collective of business
and community leaders from in and outside
of Las Vegas committed to discovering,
connecting, and equipping the cities leaders
and resources to serve her needs more

City transformation is only possible when
there is a sense of unity, connectivity, and
collective purpose to serve her citizens as
compassionate benefactors addressing the
city's need and preserving what is beautiful
while eliminating what is broken.

Las Vegas

We believe in Las Vegas!

Restoring the oasis that is Las Vegas and seeing her return to her purpose, takes all of us. Together, we can provide strategy, resources, and the tools that Las Vegas needs.


If you are ready to find out more and join the initiative for Las Vegas now, sign up with your email address below and we will keep you updated on special event dates and the latest news.

Join Us!

We invite you to join other
leaders as we unite around
these common values of
making Las Vegas shine
even brighter by creating an
oasis of freedom and human
flourishing for all who call

Vegas home.


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